ChicaBean Fresh Ground Coffee

ChicaBean Fresh Ground Coffee

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Specialty Coffee That Changes Communities

12oz of fresh ground coffee of Chica Bean.  Chica Bean prides itself as a specialty coffee that inspires. We create an incredible coffee that gets its quality and flavor from a combination of the ideal conditions in which it’s grown and the precise and powerful women who produce it. We are relentless in our pursuit of delivering perfect coffee through the empowerment of women.

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What is a Specialty Coffee?

While Chica Bean is a very special coffee in all of our hearts, it’s actually a bonafide “Specialty Coffee”. This means that it is the highest possible quality according to international standards. For a coffee to receive this grade, careful attention must be paid throughout the entire life of the coffee, from planting the seeds to practices in harvesting, processing, roasting, and finally packaging.


  • New Oriente Region of Guatemala
  • Majority shade grown
  • Minimum Altitude is 4840 ft (SHB)
  • Minimum SCA: 83
  • Varieties: Catuaí, Pache, Caturra
  • Harvested by hand at wine-red ripeness and sorted continuously throughout processing
  • Principle Characteristics: Balance, Chocolatey, Sweet
  • Producers cup their own coffee
  • Small batch roasted by Evelin Tupul, the only female Roast Master (that we know of) in Guatemala
  • Appropriate packaging
  • Delivery within a week of being roasted

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